Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachian’s Leaders Guide Scout Badge for Juniors


Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachian’s Leaders’ Guide For:
Scavenger Hike Adventures Badge
Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachian’s

Scavenger Hike Adventures
By Kat and John LaFevre/Girl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachian’s Partners

Scouts must complete 6 of 14Scavenger Hike Adventuresin the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The scout must attain the highest level achievement of “Frontier Explorer” for the hike to apply towards the specialScavenger Hike AdventuresGirl Scout Council of the Southern Appalachian’s Badge. A dated certificate of completion must be signed for each of the 6 hikes (certificates included in each girl’s trail guide).

The trail book,Scavenger Hike Adventures, includes a diverse selection of hikes with a mix of 5 easy, 5 moderate and 4 extreme challenges (Ranging from 1/2 mile to over 10 miles.) The hikes accommodate a wide range of physical ability as scouts search for and find cultural, natural and historical treasures along the trails.

Scouts with special physical challenges may earn the council badge by completing two of the scavenger hikes that are wheelchair accessible (Sugarlands Valley Nature Trail and Laurel Falls). Four other activities must be completed from the following list of activities: 1. Visit Sugarlands Visitor Center and view the movie and display room and write a one-page observation report. 2. Meet all requirements to become a “Junior Ranger” in the park. 3. Meet with a park ranger and learn about the important issues facing the park. 4. Visit Cataloochee Valley and find at least 5 elk (dusk is recommended time). 5. Attend a park ranger talk.

Scouts follow clues on 14 diverse national park trails to find over 200 natural and historic treasures. For Scout Leaders, the book is like having a Pioneer, a Cherokee Indian and a Mountain Guide hiking along with you. Leader Suggestion: Divide your group into two or three smaller groups and each leader/parent reads the clues to that group. It works best if only the leader(s) carry the books as scounts search for treasures. Girls complete points attained and certificates in their books at the end of the hike. For Questions/Guidance:e-mail Kat & Johnor click on the special girl scout page.

Explore the Smokies
“Don’tJustTake A HikeTake A Scavenger Hike Adventure”

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